449.00 ฿

IBEX Core slider

Designed for use with the hands or feet, on almost any type of surface, IBEX CORE SLIDER gives you a wide range of on-the-go, omni-directional core training options.

IBEX core sliders are specifically designed to avoid slip out with a large, grip-friendly tread pattern on top and a low-friction. This creates a consistently smooth, stable progression through slide / glide training movements like converging push-ups, mountain climbers, inch-worms, etc. Our core sliders are compact and lightweight, with a free carrying bag you can easily fit them in a suitcase or carry-on, so you can train wherever you are!


  • Sold as Pair
  • Ergonomic, tread pattern design for better grip
  • Durable, low-friction underside for smooth movements on any surface
  • Fit in any gym bag
  • Applications: Core strength, glide / slide training
  • Carry bag included

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