1,100.00 ฿

The weight plate that fits in to every and all spaces: our IBEX Hybrid Bumper Plates are perfect whether you’re a Weightlifter, a Powerlifter, or functional fitness training.

Each plate is centered with a stainless steel ring that secures its shape. The wheel is made of dense virgin rubber that ensures the solid dead bounce you’re looking for when you drop your bar. They’re not only durable, but will be sure to keep your floors in tact.

IBEX Hybrid Bumper Plates comply with IWF standards and have weight tolerances of +/- 3%.

Available in a range of weights, these premium quality plates won’t break the bank if you’re looking to buy multiple sets.


Available weights/dimensions:

- 5kg / 450mm diameter, 25mm thickness

- 10kg / 450mm diameter, 44mm thickness

- 15kg / 450mm diameter, 58mm thickness

- 20kg / 450mm diameter, 69mm thickness

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