Our mission is to empower athletes, fitness facilities and communities by providing the most innovative, reliable and comprehensive sports and fitness equipment.


In our in-house facilities we design and manufacture fuss-free fitness equipment that promise durability, reliability and power.
Accuracy is key, and we’ve started this journey with a sole goal to create an array of reliable, stable and credible fitness equipment. We go to great lengths to ensure that our finished products resemble our name: the Alpine Ibex. 

A pair of long, mighty horns, an explosive gait and a great adaptability to severe conditions is what distinguishes the Ibex from other mountain goats. Just like it’s name, Ibex aims to be the symbol of greatness. We’re here to provide you with quality equipment that will stay by your side throughout the tenacity, grit, sweat and tears of training, and take you closer to your goal each day. 

We take pride in being a part of this rapidly-growing fitness community, filled with inspiring and motivated individuals from all walks of life. It is because of the community that, we, as individuals have become who we are today. We’re committed to opening pathways for everyone to take ownership of their well-being, and accomplish their highest performance level in sport.

We’ve got the technology and innovation part covered. All you have to do is stick to your passion and commit to your vision. You too, can achieve anything. We got this. Do you?